Catalogue Number: PF8

1. Locomotive
2. The Saint
2 (inc p&p)

At The Lake
'These Days'

Catalogue Number: PF12

1. These Days
2. Wide Eyes
2.50 (inc p&p)

The Lost Revue
'Orphans and Vandals'

Catalogue Number: PF10

1. Orphans and Vandals
2. Pirate's Life
3. Street Meat
4. Peace In The Valley
5. It No Cool
6. The Revival
7. The Goose That Lay The Golden Egg
7 (inc p&p)

'Magnetic City'

Catalogue Number: TIKI3CD

1. Locomotive
2. Galaxy Of Nobodies
3. Wilder Than This
4. Goldrush Mourning
5. Magnetic City
6. Side By Side
7. Top Of My Guarantees
8. Michael Francis
9. Through And Beyond All
10. The Saint
11. Arabian Knights
12. Morning Star
10 (inc p&p)

'Dustbowl Ballads'

Catalogue Number: PF9

1. Harvester
2. Iowa
3. Going Away
4. Brand New Key
5. Spinning Wheels
6. Truck Driving Country Music Promoter
7. Sugar Cane
8. Love Henry
9. Rodeoman
10. qb
11. Weaving Pt 2
12. 1913
10 (inc p&p)




Ben Gunstone
'Songs From The Corner Of A Room'

Catalogue Number: PF6

1. Wish You Were Her
2. Day To Day
3. So I See
4. You're Not The Person I Used To Know
5. Song From The Corner Of A Room
6. Words Are No Use Now
7. Valediction
8. Planet You
9. Lust Has Turned To Love
10. Four Years Twenty-Five Seconds
11. I Can't Bear The Thought Of You With Anyone Else
£7 (inc p&p)




The Lost Revue
'Devil Hit A Hi-Hat Riding'/'Sell My Ass'
(7-inch only)
Catalogue Number: PF7

1. Devil Hit A Hi-Hat Riding
2. Sell My Ass
£3 (inc p&p)




'Yeah Right'

Catalogue Number: PF4

1. Yeah Right
2. Say Goodbye
3. A Little Demo
£1.50 (inc p&p)




'Keep It Light'

Catalogue Number: PF5

1. Yeah Right
2. Where You Go
3. Special
4. Lee
5. 4 Days
6. Still I'm Here
7. Peaking
8. Falling At My Feet
9. Downward Spiral
10. A Little Help
11. If I Can Change Your Mind
12. Dying Of Boredom
£7 (inc p&p)


'Live At The Spitz'

Catalogue No: PF1

The first release on the Popfiction label is a special limited edition CD-r only available from this website. 'Live At The Spitz' is four tracks recorded live at The Spitz, Spitalfields Market, London on July 1st 2003

Face Value
In Your Hands
I Miss You

To hear audio streams of these tracks, go here

Tracks were recorded direct from desk to CD, so it is a totally raw live performance. No overdubs were done. Sound quality may vary on some of the tracks, together with clicks and glitches from either the stage or the desk. So this is very much a warts and all recording. The CD-r is signed by all members of the band, Alain Whyte, Gary Day and Spike Smith.

Over the course of the next few months, another 2 CD-r's will be issued of the live performances, again both CDs will be signed. If anyone is lucky enough to get their hands on all three, they will receive a FREE full album of the 'Live At The Spitz', with special artwork that, again, will be signed by the band. They will also be put into a draw to win a copy of the first 'official' Motivators single to be released in April.

The price of the limited edition is £6.50 The price includes p&p.

To purchase a copy, please click on the button below.


Available in small, medium, large.
Black only.
Prices are £11.50 including p&p.

To purchase, please click on the button below and email us with your preferred size along with your paypal account ID as reference, thanks.