The Motivators

Ben Gunstone


The Motivators are:
Alain Whyte - vocals/guitar
Gary Day - bass
Spike Smith - drums/vocals
Having only been The Motivators for the shortest amount of time, less than six months no less. It is with admiration that the trio already have two albums worth of material, written and recorded. All chocker full with glorious pop hooks, excellent guitar playing, soaring melodies, a solid rhythm section. No surprise really, all three members have learnt their craft by being the touring and recording band of Morrissey. Lead Motivator, Alain, has been Morrissey's co-writer for his last four albums, penning such hits as "Billy Budd" and "Boxers and has co-written nine songs on the recently recorded Morrissey album.

Being the chief songwriter within The Motivators, Alain, his guitar, his recording studio, his pen, have been in overdrive over the past few months, especially the pen. Writing lyrics professionally for the first time in over ten years has not been a daunting prospect for Alain. With plenty of inspiration, but covering the ground of love, loss, despair: those years with Morrissey haven't been a stagnant pool of poetic creativity.

Six songs from the debut album already have singles stamped on them, maybe
even a few hits. It wouldn't hurt, would it? There is the frenetic and total power rock of "Baby, I'm Strange", the hands in the air mid-tempo "Were You Ever In My Life?", the runaway train of "I Miss You", the summer hit "In Your Hands", the pop confectionery of "Crushed" and "The Hardest Thing"…all in waiting to fill the airwaves and our hearts.

With the solid rhythm section of both Gary Day and Spike Smith to give the songs a tightness, plenty of light and shade, the live shows should be a spectacle in itself.
Look out for the first Motivators release in April, with full dates to coincide.